MPM Vol. 7: Peace Education


Very much looking forward to holding #ManyPeacesMagzine Vol. 7 in hands, with wonderful contributions on the topic of “Peace Education” by Manon Roeleveld, Alexa Cuello, Fata Morgana, Clara Cornflake, Lisi Wilgermein, Wolfgang Dietrich, Oliver Rizzi Carlson, Hilary Cremin, Julian Mandler, Sezan Eyrich, Tilly Sünkel, Veronika Franzi, Aylin Vartanyan Dilaver, Luís Bravo de Barros, Putri Kitnas Inesia, Hanne Tjersland, Julia Felder and many others. Thanks to the editorial team: Isabelle Guibert, Mayme Lefurgey, Paul Lauer, Manon Roeleveld, Alexa Cuello, Theresa Gottschall, Rana Haroun, Shibani Pandya and Vlad Toma for working towards this beautiful result together!

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