2017 Hammamet Conference

From November 9th – 12th I will be attending this year’s  Hammamet Conference in Tunisia, hosted by the British Council. I will be presenting my reserach in the committee on Cohesion and Reintegration.

Cohesion and reintegration

A society that is socially cohesive could be said to promote trust, reject exclusion and create a sense of belonging for all members. Many communities across North Africa and the UK are faced with the need to reintegrate former combatants, with the challenges that need brings to trust and social cohesion.

Globally, it is estimated that 40,000 foreign fighters from around 110 countries have gone to fight in Iraq and Syria. Justice and intelligence responses will be needed to address the issue of returnees, but these will need to be tempered by more community-led responses, particularly in the case of younger returnees.

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