Masters of Peace: The Movie

This documentary about the Innsbruck School of Peace Studies gives unique insights into academic program that has become home to me.

The Austrian movie-maker Sananda Kirschner belongs to the young and privileged generation that has never witnessed war in his own country. Still he asks how one can contribute best to peace on this planet. In the course of his quest Kirschner found right in his Tyrolean home the MA Program for Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation. The University of Innsbruck offers since 2002 this unique academic combination of Transrational Peace Philosophy and Elicitive Conflict Transformation. This documentary shows that students from all over the world come to Innsbruck for learning in this program and getting trained in methods of Strategic Capacity and Relationship Building. Backgrounds, concepts and didactics of the curriculum are presented. Kirschner accompanies students, faculty and facilitators from the classroom to the training-fields of the Red Cross, to the Fire Fighters’ Academy and the Austrian Armed Forces, and finally to the nature and wilderness school Native Spirit in the Tyrolean Alps, where they find many a way of experiencing, interpreting and living their version of the Many Peaces.

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