Elicitive Peace and Conflict Monitoring: A Pilot Study in Iraq published by UNDP

My latest work, co-authored with Alba Losert and Armin Rabitsch, has been published by the United Nations Development Programme: Elicitive Peace and Conflict Monitoring: A Pilot Study in Iraq. I am grateful to all our partners and friends at the Iraqi Alamal Association, as well as the University of BaghdadUniversity of AnbarUniversity of Mosul and Tikrit University for their tremendous work and collaboration throughout the process of research. With this pilot study, we have developed an instrument to monitor conflict developments and potentials for peace in a context-sensitive manner. We hope that it can serve as a basis for future conflict analysis as well as quality assurance and programmatic decision making within the contexts of the UN and other international organizations. Drawing on the expertise of local stakeholders in conflicts, elicitive peace and conflict monitoring may also serve as a research-informed basis for future policy making in local, national and international peace efforts.

The full study can be found on the UNDP Website.

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