Radio Podcast 48th Innsbruck Gender Lecture now online

freiradlogoneukulturtonfarbisaufgruen-85x85On January 24th 2017 I was invited to comment on the 48th Innsbruck Gender Lecture “Thinking against humanity” by Ass. Prof. Ayça Çubukçu from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Follow this link to listen to the lecture as a radio podcast on Radio Freirad. My comment starts at 49:30 and the inspiring general discussion with Nikita Dhawan, Andreas Oberprantacher and others starts at 01:00:00.

In this lecture, Dr Çubukçu reflects on the modern concept of humanity.
Engaging with Hannah Arendt, Malcolm X, and Frantz Fanon in particular, she explores humanity’s capacity to designate a collective subject to be defended and redeemed through various ethico-political projects on the one hand, and an apparently self-evident, all-embracing species on the other.


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