1st Innsbruck Academic Festival of Many Peaces: Conference Call


This is one of the latest projects I have been working on together with a wonderful team of Peace Studies colleagues from all over the world.

Inspired by the Innsbruck Peace Studies transrational approach to peace and conflict research and praxis, we invite you to participate in the First Innsbruck Academic Festival of Many Peaces. This festival has been organised in order to create an integrative space for unfolding personal and academic potential, based on Transrational Peace Philosophy and its applied method of Elicitive Conflict Transformation. The Academic Festival of Many Peaces will provide a platform for balancing peace theory and praxis, while creating an opportunity for fellow practitioners to network and collaborate interculturally through innovative academic work and research.
As part of this dynamic festival, you will be offered a space to present critical and innovative academic peace-related research in the form of academic papers, presentations on projects, methods or ‘peace talks’ on new ideas within the discipline of Peace Studies. Participants will receive detailed feedback from other participants and present their feedback during cross-sessions. The participant’s work should fall under one of the following themes:


For more information and to apply today please visit our official website.

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